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Food & Beverages
Coffee & Dessert Café Licensing Biz
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Franchise Partner Invitation Retail

Business Overview
- Established in Malaysia since 2013
- With a brand tagline "a taste of happiness", we aspire to create a space that belonged to everyone.
- A comfortable space where fondest memories are shared among loved ones while providing them coffee and dessert that makes their day better.

- Right market segmentation (local)
Company has stayed with the upper-scale of coffee market, competing on comfort
rather than convenience, but our coffee bar S.O.P shown our competitive speed
with Starbucks or CBTL

- Execution
Company continues to focus on our original product bundle that includes good
coffee, quality service, and a nice environment to hang out.

- Superb Leadership
Just like any thriving community or sports team, there's typically an influential
leader behind every successful brand. To coordinate the efforts of team members
and guide a strategic vision for a brand, someone has to step up & steer the ship.
So, our company directors & team are continuing to come up with innovative
products to expand the company's product portfolio & always maintain our
company products quality & company reputation.

- Consistency
When consumers come back to business for repeat sales, they usually expect to
receive the same level of quality as they did the first time, so our operation
development team develop a high efficiency S.O.P to control our supplier quality,
stocks quality, staff quality & also our products quality.

- Passion
Passion helps businesses persevere through inevitable setbacks. Have a serious
passion that keeps propelling our team to work hard and continually deliver

- Competitiveness
Founders always believe, focus everything in this business with passion, tend to be
the movers & shakers who work tirelessly toward building and optimizing our
brand, going above & beyond consumer expectations, this will be the greatness of
our competitiveness in this market.

- Exposure
Another big part of being recognized as a distinctive, successful brand is the ability
to reach consumers through multiple channels. By developing a presence on
networks like Facebook, Instagram & Google+, anyone is able to reach almost any
consumers. For franchisees, it's access to greater amounts of information faster
than ever before.

Business Offer
Franchise partner invitation

Company Entity
Sdn Bhd

Business Highlights
READY BUSINESS TO LET GO: - 3 years licensing contract left - FREE Royalty & marketing fee - FREE onsite training - with ready staff - Provide management services if needed* - Original start-up fee RM450,000 since 2015 - NEW rental contract with JBCS (negotiable)

Yearly Revenue: RM 600,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 3 to 10 person

Strength & Opportunity
- Growth Potential In This Market
Our concept has a sustainable growth potential in the market at a local, national & international level. No matter from prospect of branding, food service, training system, R&D, internal management, accounting, design, SOP or even products, evaluated as pioneer among local brand.

- Controlled Growth of The Franchise Network
An incremental growth in the number of franchise units is a good indicator of future profitable growth. Also, the more number of units, the greater the brand awareness among customers.

- Ongoing Experience Management Team Support
Provides comprehensive staff training, operations & business building support to keep it sustainable and profitable.

- Marketing & Advertising Support
Regular times of advertising support will be one of our advantage among lots of local brand or even international franchise brand.

- Satisfied and Enthused Business Partners
Talking to the past and current business partners will help in understanding the challenges involved in the business and issues to be tackled, we always listen & discuss to become better.

- A Reputable Management Team
Well reputation of company founders, directors & brand name among our
suppliers, customers or even competitive are one of our advantage.

- Company Behavior- Integrity, Transparency & Honesty
We provide report about profitability, sustainability and other important matters.
Our management team will make sure the requests for information are responded to in a clear and speedy manner, with valid responses.

- A Substantial System
We provide strong and robust system with all of the operations system, software, training programs, equipment (in some cases) & monitoring tools to establish a sound business with enough marketing experience

Offer Price
RM 250,000.00
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