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Food & Beverages
Penang, Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia
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Business Overview
Our business is dealing with Halal serving western style restaurant in Penang. We are team of hotel's crew from chef, service captain, manager and waiters.

Business Offer
Selling 49 % share

Company Entity

Business Highlights
We are looking for interested investors to join us for our business expansion by open 3 new branches in Penang Area. Currently, company intend to crowd fund for our 1st branch at RM540,000 we are offering for only 6 shareholder to join for our 1st branch. amount to invest per share is RM 90,000. Company own share 51%, shareholders own 49% ROI agreement as "PREFERENTIAL SHARE @ 10% per annual" in 2 years. Every 6 months distribution of dividend. Net profit sharing 51% to company and 49% to shareholders thereafter.

Yearly Revenue: RM 1,000,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 11 to 20 person

Strength & Opportunity
Opportunity :
1) Malay F&B market is huge due to 70% population of the country.
2) The rate of repeat purchase of this target market is high.
3) The growing population after pandemic. we foresee the F&B business in Malay market will grow steadily in another 5 years - 10 years.

Strengths :
1) Well established Malay restaurant concept branding.
2) Central Kitchen Food SOP Quality control.
3) Proven malay favor dishes.
4) Strong HR resources and training.

Offer Price
RM 90,000.00

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