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Sport, Fitness & Adventure
Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia
Selling Off 100% Online

Business Overview
We're passionate about making function and comfort as one for women's workouts and everyday life.

IG Followers: 16.3K
FB Followers: 14k
Monthly Sales: RM 30K - 50K
Unique Paying Customers: 6,000+
Average Order Value: RM220+
Monthly Return Purchase Rate: 42%
Gross Profit Margin: 60 - 63%
Customer Lifetime Value Range: RM 1,000 - RM 2,500
SKU: estimated 200

We've prepared an overview account of finances for the interested investor. So, you can have a sound understanding of expenses, assets and business performance to negotiate.

Business Offer
Selling 100% share

Company Entity

Business Highlights
Business owners plan to exit the business due to relocation and future lifestyle changes. With our 6k+ loyal customers, we believe a larger organisation with more resources can carry our business better to thrive in the sportswear and daily bra market share in Malaysia & Singapore.

Yearly Revenue: RM 446,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 1 to 2 person


Strength & Opportunity
1. We have a 6,000+ loyal customers database, that can be reached via email or IG story/post/reels
2. With a 42% Monthly Return Purchase Rate, we can tell our customers love our products. So each customer will spend RM1000 - RM2500 within 2 years.
3. You can scale the business efficiently with the mature 6-year Meta advertisement account, the more resources you have, the higher the potential for your Revenue
4. Our existing customers love to purchase new products from us, if your team have any well-designed related products, they will definitely make the purchase.
5. Large Apparel company can acquire our business to obtain a mature paying customers base to step or expand in Malaysia & Singapore market
6. New entrepreneurs don't need to start from zero, you can start with the right business and earn profits immediately.
7. Fully automated e-commerce platform integrated with Meta advertisement system, you can manage the business with only a small team. Less cost, higher profit.
8. Future business growth plan will be shared for your reference to scale the business to 80k per month and above.

Offer Price
RM 180,000.00
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