Venturegrab Search for Business


How Venturegrab Work?

As Malaysia's first business matching portal, VentureGrab is a powerful platform that allows users to buy and sell businesses from RM20,000 up to RM20,000,000 in nett value. Searching for listings and business listings on VentureGrab is absolutely free of charge.

Users on VentureGrab can search for businesses to invest in with a user friendly menu. Buyers can search for businesses within a given area, a specific budget, a specific type of business or other factors to find a business that matches their needs.

Once buyers respond to a listing, the business seller may purchase VentureGrab credits to interact with potential contacts. Prices for credits start as low as RM1 for the first three views. Viewing listings is free for buyers though accredited reports will need users to buy VentureGrab credits. For a full list of VentureGrab packages, please view our Listings page.

To enhance the quality and attractiveness of a VentureGrab listing, sellers are required to add additional information such as photos of the business premises and business details. Sellers may also make their business more attractive to buyers by adding more details like audited accounts, business registration forms (Form 24, 49 and M&A) along proof of identity (certified copy of identification card or passport) with VentureGrab.*

*Information kept in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010