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Claw Machine 娃娃机
Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Selling Off 100% Retail

Business Overview
- 2019年8月20号开始营业 ( Yearly revenue 是根据7个月的平均收入)
- 小孩大人都适合玩得娃娃机,娃娃机里面的物品不一定是娃娃,也可以是模型也可以是3C产品

- Business started since 20.8.2019 (Yearly revenue is based on 7-month average revenue)
-The claw machine is suitable for children and adults. The items in the claw machine are not necessarily dolls, but can also be models or 3C products

Business Offer
Selling 100% share

Company Entity

Reason for sale
没时间打理 no time to manage

Yearly Revenue: RM 140,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 1 to 2 person


Strength & Opportunity
- 机器和token加运费 RM28k、货物还有RM15k、设备RM5k,合计RM48k
- 娃娃机的位置显而易见,灯光美,品质都有筛选过。
- 机器全新,完善齐全
- 直通商场Aeon(很多停车位),楼上是office lot, 下面两层是店面,奶茶和火锅比较多,也是吧生奶茶街。
- 面积:23ft x 4ft,空间大
- 顾客平均消费:RM10-RM20
- 拥有稳定顾客群

1. 4台一元机,2台二元机,1台4人mini机,1台双口兑币机 (用了2个月罢了)
2. 4粒cctv , 风扇,灯,椅子,timer
3. 1万粒Token是数码币(可以防止别边token来玩)
4. 还有很多货物(一元娃娃,二元娃娃,大模型,小模型,迷你娃娃,挂件,等等)

-Machine and token worth RM28k, product worth RM15k, equipment worth RM5k, total worth RM48k
-The location of the claw machine is high accessible
-The machine is brand new and complete
-Direct access to the shopping mall Aeon (many parking spaces). Upstairs will be office lot, and the two floors below are storefronts. There are more milk tea and hot pots, and it is also known as Klang Milk Tea Street.
-Area: 23 x 4, large space
-Average customer spending: RM10-RM20
-Have a stable customer base

Complete equipment:
1. 4 one-yuan machines, two binary machines, one 4-person mini machine, and one dual-port coin exchange machine (it took 2 months)
2. 4 pcs cctv, fan, lamp, chair, timer
3. 10,000 tokens are digital coins (can prevent other tokens from playing)
4. There are many goods (one-dollar dolls, binary dolls, large models, small models, mini dolls, pendants, etc.)

Asking Price
RM 40,000.00
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