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Bridal Shop @ Bandar Sri Damansara
Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Selling Off 100% Retail

Business Overview
- A bridal shop located in Bandar Sri Damansara, Desa Park City.
- Business is started as wedding studio providing wedding services in engagement photoshoot and wedding day photography/videography services. We expanded to larger team and provide more services such as wedding photoshoot to different countries in Asia and Europe.
- Business founded in 2015.
- Asking price is including the brand and business asset. (Selling-off everything completely.)
- Business capacity is 55 x 20 sq. ft.
- Rental per month is RM 1,500.
- Rental deposit term is 2 + 1. (Rental deposit RM 4,000 is included in asking price.)
- Customer average spending is approximate RM 3000 and above
- Shall provide up to 2 months of handover support (if needed)
- All photos videos can be used for sample
- 0 debt , No liability to worry

Business Offer
Selling 100% share

Company Entity

Reason for sale
Will be having eye surgery soon.

Yearly Revenue: RM 380,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 3 to 10 person

Strength & Opportunity
- We had build up huge customer base thru online marketing with more than 41,000 real fans on Facebook page, well maintained website with strong portfolio in local & overseas pre wedding, wedding day photo & video. Our online strategy had consistently bring us new potential customers every month. There is quite some customers in Singapore are taking our service for for their wedding day.
- Operating business, ready to operate after take over.
- Monthly expenses are below RM3500 including salary, rental & utility
- Fully renovated with well set-up.
- Rental deposit included in the asking price. (No additional deposit needed.)
- Training and coaching can be provided to the new owner. (2 months support)
- Current employee are willing to follow new owner. (1 full time can follow depends the owner, the rest is base on job basis only.)
Renovation done RM20,000 including lighting, painting, fitting room, makeup mirror, sofas, chair, indoor photoshoot backgrounds (piano,trees,flowers,wallpaper,etc)
RM80,000 of 200 gowns & coat with bag, hanger, high heels, hand bouquets, hair accessories, etc
RM20,000 worth of FB page (41,000 fans) & website
All photos can be used for sample purpose
RM4,000 refundable rental deposit

We will continue to settle existing customers so you don’t need to worry about any problem of previous customers. We can rent gown from you to complete our existing customers wedding photo. You may get back estimately RM8000 after we completed our existing customers.

Asking Price
RM 99,000.00
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