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Boost Juice
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Franchise Partner Invitation Retail

Business Overview
Boost Juice was started by an Australian adventurer and entrepreneur Janine Allis to help people eat more fruit and vegetables by making them taste great and also to make people feel just that little bit better. Boost Juice also strives to share its energy, passion, and ‘love life’ ethos through an inspirational in-store experience. To date, Boost Juice is one of the world’s favourite smoothie brands, with 500 stores in 13 countries and counting.

Business Offer
Franchise partner invitation

Company Entity
Sdn Bhd

Business Highlights
Boost Juice's business highlights include its strong brand, emphasis on healthy smoothie options, and growth potential through menu innovation, expanding to new locations, and enhancing digital marketing and customer loyalty programs to appeal to health-conscious consumers and drive business growth.

Yearly Revenue: RM 4,000,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 1 to 2 person


Strength & Opportunity
Boost Juice's strengths include a well-established brand, a focus on healthy and fresh smoothie options, and a loyal customer base. The company has opportunities to expand its menu with innovative products, increase its presence in new locations, and enhance its digital marketing and loyalty programs to cater to health-conscious consumers and drive growth.

Offer Price
RM 0.00
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