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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Franchise Partner Invitation Retail

Business Overview
We aim to upgrade the average home into the next generation of smart homes – in a timely and cost-effective manner of course! Driven by the ambition to develop real solutions to real problems for everyone, our IoT ecosystem seeks to provide unrivalled convenience and peace of mind.

As a leading home automation systems provider in the Asia Pacific region, bWave offers home automation, energy management, security and entertainment solutions, local cloud storage and smart living consultation services. The end result is a truly intelligent smart home solution that simplifies your life whilst ultimately saving you precious time and money.

Business Offer
Franchise partner invitation

Company Entity
Sdn Bhd

Business Highlights
If you are one of those trendsetters whose style is fun and quirky, BWAVE has got good news for you. Originally a curated clothing website inspired by culture, music, film, literature, art, and everything in between, BWAVE has brought their collection of apparel to the offline world for you to shop to your heart’s content. Their collection of independent and fashion-forward clothing, accessories, and bags will ensure that you would always be at the forefront of fashion!

Yearly Revenue: RM 5,000,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 1 to 2 person


Strength & Opportunity
bWave connected hub allows users to control all the essential features of their home through our integration with different loT enabler devices. On top of all of our products and integrations we’ve built an IoT ecosystem that allows you to easily expand to more upcoming future technologies.

Offer Price
RM 10,000.00
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