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Advertising & Agency
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Franchise Partner Invitation Retail

Business Overview
Marrybrown was founded in 1981. For 15 years, Marrybrown has been serving ‘The Ultimate Chicken’ experience across 15 countries worldwide through a chain of more than 350 outlets. Marrybrown also has opened its doors to the lovely people of the United Arab Emirates. In 2011, Marrybrown received the most successful Malaysian Franchise in the UAE and is one of the world’s largest halal Quick Service Restaurant chains.

Business Offer
Franchise partner invitation

Company Entity
Sdn Bhd

Business Highlights
Marrybrown's business highlights include its distinctive Malaysian fast-food menu, regional growth, and opportunities for menu diversification, international expansion, and digital marketing to meet the demand for unique flavors and convenience in the fast-food industry.

Yearly Revenue: RM 6,300,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 3 to 10 person


Strength & Opportunity
Marrybrown's strengths include its unique menu of Malaysian-flavored fast food and a growing regional presence. The company has opportunities to diversify its menu offerings, expand into new markets, and leverage digital marketing to capitalize on the demand for exotic flavors and convenience in the fast-food industry.

Offer Price
RM 0.00
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