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Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Franchise Partner Invitation Retail

Business Overview
COOLBLOG first opened its doors in 2005. Since then, COOLBLOG has served some of the best tasting, high-quality, and affordable desserts and beverages. The brand is committed to providing unmatched customer experience through its service, products, value, and availability, making it as easy and accessible as possible for its franchisees to own and operate their own business. COOLBLOG operates based on the saying that “everyone can treat themselves with the very best whenever they want to and as often as they like.

Business Offer
Franchise partner invitation

Company Entity
Sdn Bhd

Business Highlights
COOLBLOG's business highlight includes its trendy and unique dessert offerings, a growing customer base, and potential for growth through menu diversification, improved online services, and market expansion via new locations or partnerships to reach a wider audience and foster business growth in the competitive dessert and beverage industry.

Yearly Revenue: RM 0.00

Business Size
Employees: 1 to 2 person


Strength & Opportunity
COOLBLOG's strengths include its unique and trendy dessert offerings, as well as a growing customer base. The company has opportunities to diversify its menu, enhance its online presence and delivery services, and explore new locations or partnerships to cater to a broader audience and expand its business further in the competitive dessert and beverage market.

Offer Price
RM 0.00
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