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Food & Beverages
Reputable - Franchise Fast-food Restaurant
Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
Selling Off 100% Services

Business Overview
1. A franchise business (US PIZZA) specializes in fast-food restaurant i.e pizza & western food.
2. Reputable local brand with more than 100 outlets in Malaysia and Indonesia.
3. Has been in business for about 7 months with guaranteed positive profit.
4. Selling the franchise license including all the asset at RM629,000. Assets such as online orders machine (2), pos system (1), freezer (2), chiller (2), pizza topping table c/w chiller (1), pizza making table (1), pizza packaging table c/w heater (1), pizza packaging standalone (1), conveyor oven (1), standalone stock rack (1), stove, high pressure gas stove c/w heavy duty exhaust hood (1), dining table (24), chair (50) and etc.
5. Well-established of existing customer with good track record and feedback from customers for online orders, take-away and dine-in.
6. The existing customers covers market from Semenyih, Bangi, Kajang, Lenggeng and Mantin.
7. Opportunity to significantly grow the business based on current market share.
8. Serious buyers will be shared with recent sales performance, market share data and customer experience feedback from online orders.

Business Offer
Selling 100% share

Company Entity

Business Highlights
I am a professional venture builder.

Yearly Revenue: RM 720,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 3 to 10 person

Strength & Opportunity
1. Guaranteed profitable business.
2. Located in prime & triangle location of Kajang, Bangi & Semenyih as follows:
i) Located in conner lot of Prime Mall and facing main road & residential areas
ii) High density population
iii). Famous as a food hub.
iv). Presence of key branded outlets including but not limited to:
McD, KFC, Starbuck, Secret Recipes, Burger King, Marrybrown, Texas Chicken, Chicken Rice Shop, Kenny Rogers, Subway and others.

Most of brands are having at least 2 outlets also evidence of the business sustainability.

All the above outlets located within 0-6KM to coupe high consumers demand due to its strategic location.

3. New occupancies in 2024 of residential areas developed by blue chip companies such as EcoWorld, SP Setia, Country Garden, MKH Holdings and etc.
4. Economy contributed from various income categories from B40 to T20.
5. Positive customer experience record from customer online customers.
6, Being rated as TOP RESTAURANT as of to-date by Foodpanda due to good performance.

1. There is opportunity to significantly grow the business as current registered revenue (Avg of RM 720K/year) is only covered for 10%-15% market share for 7months operating period.
2. The only US PIZZA outlet at this location.
3. On-going & launched of new projects by the above companies will continue to increase future demand for next 1-2 year.

Offer Price
RM 629,000.00
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