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Food & Beverages
Urbanoefresco sdn bhd
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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Business Overview
If you are looking for authentic Italian offerings and a trip to Italy is not in the plan, fret not as a visit to Urbano e Fresco will more than make it up to you. Diners can enjoy dishes such as pizza, salads, Panini and lasagna which has a taste of Italy with every bite you take.

Business Offer
Selling 100% share

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Business Highlights
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Yearly Revenue: RM 10,000.00

Business Size
Employees: 3 to 10 person


Strength & Opportunity
The a la carte menu is simple, with the variety of choices to suit every taste bud, and if you’re looking for value, then there are also set meals that offer on a daily basis during the day from noon until 3 pm.
The decor is also uncomplicated and stylish, with clean white walls in the quiet indoor area and a more vibrant, happening outdoor area.
The food is freshly prepared using only the best quality ingredients while hard-to-find ingredients are specially flown in from Italy ensuring the quality of food is not compromised.
Italian food enthusiasts, who’d like to reproduce the dishes in their homes can purchase these ingredients as they are available for customers at Urbano e Fresco. The idea and concept of Urbano e Fresco was born in Italy under a different name. The first Restaurant was opened in Rome, Italy in the spring of 2009 and it became immediately very successful. After nine months, the second Restaurant was opened in Milano gaining even more success; it was then that a Swiss investor joined the group opening the first Restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland with the name Urbano e Fresco. After three years of operations in the “Old Europe,” the group decided to move to Asia, a constantly expanding market, choosing Malaysia as its headquarters. Now Urbano e Fresco is the new reality of Italian food and ambience in Malaysia, expanding its family with the new franchising project. The decor and ambience Urbano e Fresco was designed to accommodate Patrons in a comfortable space and put them at ease as they enter through the door. A modern and simple style with painting reminiscent of Italy on the walls and thick tables made from real teak wood, a wide range of Italian products are displayed all around. The Patrons can gain confidence with the quality of the food served as they can view the kitchen through a large window that showcases the food making process in the kitchen. Urbano e Fresco will definitely amaze Patrons with its decor, the efficient service of the staffs, and the entire ambience. The strength of Urbano e Fresco can be found in the high-quality products made from authentic Italian ingredients which we directly import. The menu offers simple and premium quality food, easy to sell and suggest, as we serve Panini (sandwiches), Pizza, Pasta and Lasagna. The menu features the familiar and perfectly balanced selection of food which will visually and psychologically put Patrons at ease. The freshness of our ingredients is another key strength. Last, but not least, Patrons can buy our products imported exclusively (such as tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, pasta and many others) and experience great Italian food from the comfort of their own home. You will always be proud to serve our products!

Offer Price
RM 220,000.00
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